Saturday, June 2, 2007

all this time, I thought my lanky fingers were a disfigurement

You know what they say about men with long 4th fingers...
HUGE - Math skills ???
In the spirit of the notion that big hands, feet, nose, whatever = big penis,
an interesting study correlates the size of the 4th finger in males to aptitude at math.

"Boys with the longest ring fingers relative to their index fingers tend to excel in math, according to a new study. In girls, shorter ring fingers predict better verbal skills. The link, according to the researchers, is that testosterone levels in the womb influence both finger length and brain development."

So ladies, if we assme that large hands = larger 4th finger (still to be proven): if relative finger length is percieved as an indicator of 'sexual aptitude', but also correlates to mathematics, then shouldn't you be "integrating some natural logs" (Stern A. M "Mathematical Jokes" Residence Conversations. 2005)?
Hold that thought, I'm having a nose bleed, battle star galactia style.

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